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My Story

I was born in Long Island, NY, 1981, and lived in NYC until 2012 when my wife Sarah and I made the move to Los Angeles where Hazan Motorworks is currently based.  As far back as I can remember, I have been obsessed with creating things, from boats to planes and cars I was always making whatever my imagination could think up. 

Building custom motorcycles was initially a hobby based in the back of my father's wood shop while I was still working full time at my Interior Deign & Contracting company in Manhattan.  I eventually rented a small shop space in Brooklyn and with the support of my family was able to form Hazan Motorworks and make my dream my full-time profession.

Every bike that I create is 1 of 1, made by my own 2 hands here in my workshop, each bike is unique and never replicated.  I push myself to make something new with every project and build the most interesting designs that I can think of in the most elegant way possible.

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